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January 11, 2023


The Ocean Strategies team has been keeping our ear to the ground regarding all things Washington aquaculture. Our quarterly newsletter, WA Aqua Bites, informs the seafood supply chain of important aquaculture happenings in Washington and beyond. Subscribe to WA Aqua Bites here.

The aquaculture industry is a major economic engine of Washington state and helps support the seafood supply chain around the entire country. As commercial fishermen, we’re proud to support the hardworking shellfish and seaweed farmers that make their living on our nation’s working waterfronts.

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WA News & Views

Swelling School of Seaweed Farmers looking to anchor in Northwest waters

The waters were also described as choppy noting that there is both excitement and concern about the proposed projects.


Pierce County adds 52 miles of shoreline protection

In December, Pierce County completed an SMP update that protects shoreline and supports permitting for restorative shellfish aquaculture.

Finfish Aquaculture in WA

A lot has happened regarding finfish aquaculture in WA since our last report. Though finfish isn’t our primary focus, we thought including and consolidating the information and articles here would be a helpful reference.

Regional News


To Save California coasts, scientists turn to the humble oyster

360 oyster reefs were placed in San Diego to help with coastal erosion from sea level rise.

National News


Aquaculture Caucus formed in U.S. Congress

In October 2022, the House of Representative formed a bi-partisan aquaculture caucus to focus on expanding the aquaculture industry nationwide.


NOAA names new aquaculture division chief

Lisa Milke has been named the new head of NOAA’s ecosystems and aquaculture division.


Lawsuit questions Army Corps authority to permit finfish aquaculture

Nine nonprofits are challenging the Army Corps authority to issue nationwide permits for offshore fish farms.


Seaweed Solutions win Recognition

Innovation awards given to two seaweed projects at the Seagriculture event.


Research & Reports


NOAA announces 5-year strategic aquaculture plan

The plan will guide the Agency’s efforts to support the growth of sustainable U.S. aquaculture.


Monterey Bay, EDF publish report on offshore aquaculture

The report will be published in January 2023.


Upcoming Events

WA DOH on Marine Biotoxin Management
  • What: Washington State Department of Health staff will present an overview of marine biotoxin management in Washington State with an emphasis on coastal bay biotoxin contamination. The presentation will include a brief discussion of the biotoxins encountered in Washington, their distribution and frequency throughout the state, a summary of historic and recent coastal biotoxin trends in coastal bays, Washington’s management strategy and biotoxin testing procedures for commercial shellfish farmers. Please email biotoxins@doh.wa.gov with any questions to be addressed during the meeting.
  • When: Feb. 3 at 10am
  • Where: Pacific Coast Cranberry Research Foundation
Aquaculture America 2023
  • When: February 23-26, 2023
  • Where: New Orleans, LA
Seafood Expo North America
  • When: March 12-14, 2023
  • Where: Boston, MA


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