Industry Representation

Our fishing industry clients are busy, hardworking mariners that often spend more time on the water than off it. We tackle the regulatory challenges so our fishermen can stay focused on the job.

We are proud to support the work of industry trade organizations, like the Under Sixty Cod Harvesters and the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association. .

Connecting the Supply Chain

Americans are eating more seafood than ever before, and increasingly expect sustainably sourced choices. Our diverse communications network connects diverse fishery and supply chain businesses to the issues impacting America’s supply of sustainable seafood.

We strive to reach individuals across the seafood supply chain with updates and special reports on our common ground issues. These efforts include serving on the Seafood Strategy Leadership Council for FMI, the Food Industry Association, and Ocean Strategies’ blog, Ocean Pulse. 

Philanthropic Foundations

The nation’s leading environmental philanthropists have prioritized ocean health and food security among their long-term goals. This includes working closely with national to global seafood businesses to support the responsible harvest, transport, and sale of healthy seafood. Ocean Strategies works alongside these foundations, amplifying where our values as harvesters align with their priorities.

We are proud to work with Builders Initiative, the Walton Family Foundation, and the Packard Foundation, amplifying the important places where our values as harvesters align with their priorities.

Sustainable and Equitable Fisheries

Fishing-dependent communities, businesses and families rely on sustainable fisheries built on equitable access to fishing and fishing resources. As professionals and as lifelong harvesters, we put fish and ocean health first. We are committed to fostering and supporting the hard and honest conversations that are required to ensure sustainable, equitable and accessible fisheries for generations to come.

Current partners include the Alaska Marine Conservation Council and the Ocean Conservancy, leaders who advocate for sustainable, equitable and accessible fisheries as a critical part of a thriving marine ecosystem.

Ocean Strategies is a versatile public affairs firm
specializing in seafood, fisheries, and marine resources.

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Ocean Strategies

Ocean Strategies is a versatile public affairs firm specializing in seafood, fisheries and marine resources.

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