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March 4, 2022

The Ocean Strategies team has been keeping our ear to the ground regarding all things Washington aquaculture. We’re proud to launch our new quarterly newsletter, WA Aqua Bites, to inform the seafood supply chain of important aquaculture happenings in Washington and beyond. Subscribe to WA Aqua Bites here.

The aquaculture industry is a major economic engine of Washington state and helps support the seafood supply chain around the entire country. As commercial fishermen, we’re proud to support the hardworking shellfish and seaweed farmers that make their living on our nation’s working waterfronts.

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WA News and Views

US and EU to Resume Trade in Live, Bivalve Shellfish

A new trade agreement between the U.S. and the European Union has been established. Washington and Massachusetts are the two states now permitted to export shellfish to the Netherlands and Spain in this initial stage.

Check out the article in the Skagit Valley Herald as well as a press release applauding these efforts from Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association.


Getting Rid of the European Green Crab in WA

Gov. Inslee recently committed $8M in emergency funding to combat the rise of the invasive green crab.

The Metlakatla Indian Community of Southeast Alaska is leading monitoring efforts, in partnership with NOAA Fisheries, to prevent future colonization of the crabs in Alaska waters.


Tribe’s Proposed Oyster Farm in Dungeness Bay Draws Concerns

The Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe’s proposed farm draws concerns about shorebirds and waterfowl.


Shrinking WA Kelp and Eelgrass Beds Draw Legislative Attention

Puget Sound kelp and eelgrass continues to decline, and this crisis has spurred WA state legislators to propose a bill which would have DNR create a robust restoration plan to address this ecological crisis.


WA Department of Agriculture Receives USDA Grant for Seafood

The WSDA received $2.4M in grant money for seafood processors which includes shellfish processors. More information coming soon on grant application timing and process.


Regional and National News

Steward Foundation secures USDA Grant for West Coast Aquaculture

This grant will be used to develop the Pacific Aquaculture Marketing and Innovation Center (PAMIC), a world-class aquaculture hub that would bring together farmers, value-added food producers, distributors, and retailers from across the West Coast region.

Federal AQUAA Act Gains Supporters

The group Stronger America Through Seafood (SATS) recently sent a letter to Congress in support of the AQUAA Act and aquaculture expansion in the U.S.


Research and Reports

New Study on Ecosystem Services Provided by Shellfish and Seaweed Farms

NOAA and other partners recently completed a study measuring the ecosystem services provided by shellfish and seaweed farms.


Guide to Permitting Marine Aquaculture in the United States

NOAA Fisheries released a guide to assist individuals with navigating the federal permitting process for marine aquaculture. It outlines the key requirements necessary to obtain federal permits to conduct commercial aquaculture activities and provides a high level overview of the federal statutes and regulations governing aquaculture in the U.S.

Maine Aquaculture Roadmap, 2022-2032

The Maine Aquaculture Hub published The Maine Aquaculture Roadmap, a ten-year plan that proposes major goals and identifies resources needed to strengthen Maine’s aquaculture sector and working waterfronts over the next decade.


Upcoming Events

March 7 – 8: WA Sea Grant Conference for Shellfish Growers (virtual) — Register here.
April 12 – 14: 2022 University of Alaska Mariculture Conference Register here.
April 27 – 29: Northeast Aquaculture Conference & Exposition Register here.


An Oldie but a Goodie…

Why Everyone Should Eat Oysters — So many reasons!


Have ideas for future WA Aqua Bites? We’d love to hear your feedback, questions and ideas.

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