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From community waterfront to Congress, we navigate the policy and public affairs tasks that support your goals. Ocean Strategies offers a variety of services to address today’s complex ocean issues, working closely with marine industries, non-profit partners, and every sector of the seafood supply chain — including harvesters, engine manufacturers, processors, grocers and more

Mission and Vision

Leading innovative, strategic work between the fisheries, seafood and marine conservation arenas to support and strengthen the seafood supply chain.

Ocean Strategies works for people and projects that inspire us. We blend public affairs expertise with authentic relationships in support of thriving marine resources, fishing communities, and resilient seafood supply chains.

Areas of Expertise

  • Fisheries Management
  • Seafood Supply Chain Dynamics
  • Aquaculture Policy
  • Climate Change
  • Fisheries & Community Resiliency
  • Sustainable and Equitable Fisheries
  • Fisheries Data & Economics

Our Services


Our public affairs experience includes fisheries and seafood management policies, and processes that shape them. From the Magnuson-Stevens Act to aquaculture policy, local fishery issues to seafood sustainability, we track and tackle regulatory challenges so you can focus on the job.

Strategic Communications

Strategic communications are key to any successful public affairs project. We can strategize your short- and long-term needs around earned media, educational materials, organizational publications, industry networking, letter writing and other messaging tools that advance your core mission.

Industry Outreach

From engine companies to independent fishermen or national grocery chains, we help a dynamic seafood industry stay connected to each other, and to their common ground issues. We are bridge builders, creating and maintaining strong relationships and communication channels.

Data & Economics

Better data and information drive smart and informed decisions. But where and how to access this information can be difficult. We lead regional and national surveys, synthesize economic reports and collect data streams across the seafood sector.

Strategic Planning

A decade of organization and coalition leadership, plus first-hand industry experience, have made us competitive strategic planners. Whether you’re just getting started or innovating core programs, we can help you develop program designs, business plans, organizational missions, fundraising goals and communications strategies.

Coalition & Campaign Development

Whether you’re spearheading a community project or seeking national policy change, we specialize in bringing diverse individuals, businesses and organizations together around a common mission. This includes community outreach, events, fundraisers, meeting facilitation, industry roundtables, multi-media campaigns and more. We help you connect the public to critical information and support you the entire way — from idea to plan to implementation.

Ocean Strategies is a versatile public affairs firm
specializing in seafood, fisheries, and marine resources.

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Ocean Strategies

Ocean Strategies is a versatile public affairs firm specializing in seafood, fisheries and marine resources.

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