The Today Show: Alaskan Fisherman Offers Tips on How to Choose And Serve Seafood | Ocean Strategies

April 19, 2021

Ocean Strategies Senior Consultant and Alaskan commercial fisherman, Hannah Heimbuch, was live on the Today Show Monday morning, kicking off the show’s “green” food segments, just in time for Earth Day. Hannah discussed wild Alaskan seafood — how to shop for it, its health benefits, how to cook it and what makes it sustainable. Fishermen like Hannah work alongside the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute to promote wild Alaskan seafood, and the science-based management that help keep them thriving.

The last year of seafood sales growth continues to be a promising trend, and seeing Alaska seafood earn this prime morning spot — live from a Kodiak kitchen — is a testament to that mainstream interest. We are thrilled that Hannah had this opportunity to represent the industry as a harvester, and an ambassador for sustainable seafood. It further shows the importance of ensuring a stable and growing supply of sustainable US seafood.

“An easy way to know you are choosing the best, sustainable fish is simply to choose seafood from Alaska as a guarantee for wild caught seafood every time.”
Hannah Heimbuch

Ocean Strategies

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