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June 13, 2022

The Ocean Strategies team has been keeping our ear to the ground regarding all things Washington aquaculture. Our quarterly newsletter, WA Aqua Bites, informs the seafood supply chain of important aquaculture happenings in Washington and beyond. Subscribe to WA Aqua Bites here.

The aquaculture industry is a major economic engine of Washington state and helps support the seafood supply chain around the entire country. As commercial fishermen, we’re proud to support the hardworking shellfish and seaweed farmers that make their living on our nation’s working waterfronts.

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WA News & Views

Indigenous oyster fisheries were ‘fundamentally different’: Q&A with researcher Marco Hatch

Dr. Marco Hatch of the Coastal Communities and Ecology Lab at Western Washington University discusses traditional oyster farming practices and their role in sustainability.


A mystery worm is threatening the future of Washington oysters

Ongoing research on the presence of mud-worms in Washington continues to reveal new insights and information.


Threat from European green crab continues

Washington is working to prevent the “explosive growth” of the European green crab in the state.


Seaweed in Washington

Seaweed has been getting a lot of attention in Washington – from Blue Dot Sea Farms to new proposed farms around the state. Check out these stories featuring the opportunity for seaweed aquaculture in Washington.


Ocean Strategies Interview with Diani Taylor

Our team recently chatted with Diani Taylor, fifth generation shellfish farmer in Washington state and General Counsel for her family business, Taylor Shellfish Farms. Diani discussed the importance of seafood stakeholders engaging in discussion around climate issues, making sure shellfish regulatory processes work for farmers, and increasing diversity among sectors in order to ensure a robust, sustainable, and successful seafood supply chain.

Click the image above to watch and listen to the full interview with Diani Taylor and Ocean Strategies Principal Brett Veerhusen.


Regional News

Alaska Passes Mariculture Enhancement Bill

In mid-May, Alaska passed a bill that provides a regulatory framework for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADFG) to manage shellfish enhancement projects, and outlines criteria for the issuance of permits.


Maryland’s oyster harvest largest in 35 years

Industry representatives attribute this year’s excellent oyster haul to habitat restoration efforts.


Study finds California shellfish farmers burdened by bureaucracy

A study on shellfish farmers in California, conducted by researchers at Oregon State University, found that farmers need additional resources and less red tape in order to overcome current and future environmental challenges.


NOAA’s Aquaculture Opportunity Areas

NOAA is seeking public input as it considers Aquaculture Opportunity Areas (AOA) in federal waters off California and the Gulf of Mexico.

National News

NOAA Equity and Environmental Justice Strategy

NOAA Fisheries has released their new Draft Equity and Environmental Justice Strategy (EEJ), a national plan that incorporates equity and environmental justice priorities into the agency’s national programs. The intent of the strategy is to provide more equitable stewardship of the nation’s marine resources and ocean ecosystems by better responding to the needs of underserved communities.


USDA Funded Projects Advance Aquaculture and Protect Oceans

USDA highlights investments in aquaculture and oceans on this year’s World Oceans Day.


Research and Reports

Survey finds that US Voters support expanding U.S. Aquaculture (SeafoodSource)


Commercial Marine Finfish Net Pen Aquaculture in Puget Sound and Strait of Juan de Fuca: Guidance and Risk Management (WA State Dept. of Ecology)


Upcoming Events

July 21-22, 2022: National Working Waterfront Network Conference (Boston, MA)


September 20-22, 2022: PCSGA 76th Annual Shellfish Conference and Tradeshow (Wenatchee, WA)


Interesting Reads

The simple food that fights climate change

Check out this article from the BBC, which showcases the amazing benefits that bivalve aquaculture provides for our global marine ecosystem!


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