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October 7, 2022

The Ocean Strategies team has been keeping our ear to the ground regarding all things Washington aquaculture. Our quarterly newsletter, WA Aqua Bites, informs the seafood supply chain of important aquaculture happenings in Washington and beyond. Subscribe to WA Aqua Bites here.

The aquaculture industry is a major economic engine of Washington state and helps support the seafood supply chain around the entire country. As commercial fishermen, we’re proud to support the hardworking shellfish and seaweed farmers that make their living on our nation’s working waterfronts.

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WA News & Views

Why the shellfish industry is struggling to hire and retain workers

Taylor Shellfish and the industry are facing major challenges, from workforce development to climate change and immigration.


Swinomish Tribe builds modern clam garden, revives practice

The Swinomish Tribe is working to restore traditional clam gardening, a shellfish farming method that has not been practiced in over 200 years.


PSP (Red Tide) found in Grays Harbor

Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning has been found in Westport, resulting in the closure of all recreational shellfish harvesting in Grays Harbor.


WA Congressional members push for federal funding to fight invasive species

A bipartisan group of lawmakers has urged the Department of the Interior to review federal efforts to combat invasive species, including the European Green Crab in Washington.

Regional News

Commerce invests $49 million to boost Alaska’s mariculture industry

The Alaska Mariculture Cluster has received major funding from the Build Back Better Act to help support the state’s growing mariculture industry.


Alaskan kelp sector grows thirty-fold in 5 years

A new survey has revealed that Alaska’s kelp harvest has grown by 27% this year, reaching over half a million pounds.


Gulf Shellfish Farmers Association get Interim Board

This summer, diverse segments of the oyster industry in the Gulf of Mexico came together to elect an interim board for the new Gulf Shellfish Farmers Association.


Rhode Island secures $1.6 million for responsible shellfish aquaculture

Rhode Island Senators Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse have teamed up with Roger Williams University to grow the state’s aquaculture industry, securing major funding to support shellfish farmers through research, resources, and legal services.

National News

NOAA Sea Grant announces $14 million in investments to strengthen U.S. aquaculture

Federal funding across four strategic areas will be offered for competitively selected projects around the U.S., including collaborative programs, referred to as “hubs.”


Using genetics to unlock growth potential in oysters

Researchers in Scotland have published reports on oyster genetics that could help the industry produce larger and healthier shellfish.


Women who lead

Check out this inspiring article that highlights women leaders in U.S. aquaculture (like Washington’s own Diani Taylor!) and the diverse leadership approaches they are taking to show how the benefits of aquaculture can help earn the industry the social license to operate.

Research and Reports

New study: 2021 WA heatwave created ‘perfect storm’ for shellfish die-off

A study led by the University of Washington has identified how the 2021 heat dome contributed to widespread death of shellfish, such as the lowest tides of the year coinciding with the year’s hottest days.


NOAA Fisheries Releases FY22 Alaska Aquaculture Accomplishments

A new report summarizes the accomplishments made this year to help build sustainable marine aquaculture in Alaska.

Upcoming Events

Nov. 29 – Dec. 2, 2022: World Aquaculture 2022 (Singapore)


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